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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is a highly specialized area of law.  The prudent course of action, when facing any kind of charge, is to seek the advice of counsel with the necessary experience and expertise.  In serious felony cases where a lengthy state prison sentence is possible, the need for such counsel is obvious.  However, even in misdemeanors (for example, drunk driving (1st off.), simple assault and battery, shoplifting), the consequences of an ill-prepared defense and a negative outcome can be extremely damaging, and can last a lifetime.

Aside from the risk of jail time, the consequences of criminal convictions begin with the impact on one's record, which can include the future denial of employment opportunities, denial of housing applications, denial of professional licensing applications, denial of academic admissions, and immigration-related consequences for green-card holders or other persons who are not citizens of the United States.  Beyond that and depending on the charges, penalties can also include the loss of one's driver's license, hefty fines, court orders to perform long courses of community service, and terms of probation that can involve frequent reporting into the Court, random drug testing, curfews and home inspections, restrictions on where one can live, work, or travel, and other serious impositions on one's normal daily life. 

Attorney Michael B. Coyle has been a criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts for the past ten years.  Between his many years as a bar advocate defender assigned to the Boston Municipal Court and the Framingham and Newton District Courts, along with his private clientele case experience, Attorney Coyle has over two thousand criminal defense cases' worth of experience upon which to rely.  Attorney Coyle is available to speak with you and provide a free initial evaluation of your criminal case, whether or not the case has already been filed in court.  Below are some examples of the types of cases Attorney Coyle regularly handles, along with some links to the relevant Massachusetts statutes: 

Larceny Offenses

Motor Vehicle Offenses

Offenses Against the Person

Abuse-Related Offenses

Firearms and Weapons (Plus Licensing Statutes)

Public Order Offenses

Property Offenses

Drug Offenses

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