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Family Law

Many family law matters cannot be solved without a judge becoming involved, and those cases end up in the Probate and Family Courts of Massachusetts.  In a separate system, different from your local district and superior courts, the Family Court is a foreign place for most people, and for most lawyers as well.  The Family Court runs according to special rules and procedures, unlike those in any other department of the Trial Court.  Having counsel who knows the system, is a must.   

Attorney Coyle has ten years of experience in the Probate and Family Courts of Massachusetts.  His prior experience includes the following types of cases, and he is available to give you a free evaluation of your family law case. 

  • Legal Separation / Separate Support


  • Post-Judgment/Post-Divorce Modifications

  • Real Estate and Property Division Disputes

  • Division of Business Interests

Edward W. Brooke Courthouse

Home of the Boston Municipal Court, Central Division,

and the Suffolk County Probate and Family Court