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Representing plaintiffs and defendants

Unfortunately in today's society, going to court to protect yourself, your family, your business or your assets has become an eventuality for most people. Enforcing contracts, collecting on debts, recovering losses caused by another, or simply seeking a basic harassment prevention order will all require a trip to court, and usually a good lawyer by your side.  Other times you may find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit, and having a capable attorney there to defend you is absolutely essential.  Coyle Law Offices has handled all kinds of litigation matters, from small contract disputes to complex, multi-million dollar federal lawsuits.  Please call us for a free evaluation of your situation.       

Criminal Defense

Defending clients in every area of criminal law

Coyle Law Offices' busiest practice area is criminal defense, and we have successfully represented clients across Massachusetts in virtually every kind of criminal case situation.  Assaults and batteries and other violent crimes, restraining order violations, OUIs and other motor vehicle law violations, gun, drug, and other possessory offenses, shoplifting, larcenies, and all other property crimes, just to name a few examples of what we handle every day.  Whether it's a felony or a misdemeanor, having a veteran trial attorney with real criminal defense expertise is critically important.  We can represent you on either an hourly or flat-fee basis, and we offer free evaluations of your case and what defenses might be available to you.  Please give us a call.        

Personal Injury

battling insurance companies in and out of court

Most personal injury cases don't ever have to go to Court, but when they do, you need a veteran trial lawyer with the right experience.  Attorney Michael B. Coyle began his legal career working exclusively as a personal injury attorney, in most cases for the injured victims, but in some cases on behalf of the insurance companies, where he learned their tactics and strategies.  Now he works exclusively for you, the injured Plaintiffs, but he uses his insurance company insider experience to put forward the strongest possible case for you.  dealing with an insurance company without counsel, even if it's your own insurance company, can be a costly mistake.  Whether it's a few months of soft tissue injuries after a slip-and-fall, or life-altering injuries after a major car accident, we've handled every kind of personal injury case, from the initial claim all the way through arbitration, mediation and trial. 

Please call us for a free case evaluation.   

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